So today ended a major chapter in my life. I sold my window cleaning business of the past 13 years. It was probably one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. So much of my life was put into making it an amazing company. But in order to concentrate on other projects I am involved in it needed to be done. The new owner is a good friend of mine, and he is one of the only people I would trust it with. I sold off all of the business, except for the routes. I always wanted to do a route [B]ONLY [/B]window cleaning company and now thats what I have. I wont be putting to much time into as its pretty self sufficient.

I got kinda sad when I left the building today, and turned over the keys… But cheered up rather fast as now for the first time ever running WCR will be a full time job for me. Over the past 5 years I really have only worked here part time. So now that I have the ability to dedicate all my time to WCR, we will be seeing some very cool changes and improvements.

And to my competitors @ WCR your time is up. Now that I can concentrate on this full time, your lives are about to get exhausting. Get your rest in today, tomorrow it begins :slight_smile:

Congrates on the sell of the biz [MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION], I know its a bummer at first.

But now you got a route only biz like you always wanted.

And now WCR can Crush it.

Congrats Chris. Onward and upward!!!

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WOW - I’m thinking I might know of the the new owner of all county?

I am happy for you Chris! I know it must have been a hard decision. I can remember when you and Alex were just starting WCR. Time goes by so fast! It is great to see how WCR has grown over the years. Have a great week my friend!

I suspected that the “magic phone number” question might be stemming from this sort of event.

We all know the definition of the word "bittersweet."
But sometimes we have to feel/experience it to truly know what it means.

Congrats, man!!

WOW. I did not see that one coming. Congrats. I look forward to all the WCR improvements as you dedicate yourself full time to the biz.


Please tell the new guy that there’s no money south of route 46.

… and that gangs hunt window cleaners for fun around here

… and that our TDS is 253483 PPM

And that All County is limited to NJ and NY :slight_smile:

I thought something was up with that magic phone number question.

I have a lot of rods in the fire also
Your decision has got me mind mentally dancing
Congrates Chris!
Onward through the fog!!

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Got to like the forum…
sometimes it makes you go… Hmmm should I!!!

Boy howdy laws yes!!

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So, you’re keeping the route business? Is that going to be All County or are you naming it something else to avoid confusion with the new owner? I’m also wondering if you are now going to be competing with your old company for route work or are they going to stay away from that?

He is keeping th ACWC name, we are now the most boring company name ever…

[B]Storefront Window Cleaners[/B]

Just store fronts, only store fronts… :slight_smile:

Congratulations Chris. We know you’re not boring…but I gotta see that logo.

There is no logo! just words :slight_smile:

Congratulations Chris. Anyone in business knows the end is never in sight. We are always improving and doing what we believe is right. Your taking a bold move and I commend you on your decision. We are looking forward to working with you more in the future. Thank you.

Congrats Chris on making this move and putting the full weight of your creativeness, passion and smarts into the wonderfullness that is WCR!

Just curious, will you still have a salesman for route work or just maintain what you have and encourage your route guys to solicit sales?

ohh, and please include Alex in my sentiments. :wink:

I like that name, a business name is supposed to communicate what you actually do so that’s perfect and unusual. Mind you I’m not very successful so even I don’t put much stock in my opinion.