Latest and Greatest Ads

Here a few of the latest and greatest postcards I am sending out this year. All of them will follow a letter sent to the prospects.

I found the prospect on my counties Tax Appraisal page online. I picked a select “Cherry” neighborhoods that I want to market to. I did a search for houses over $300,000 (Houses are still really cheap here in Texas. You can get a custom home with all the trimmings at 3000sq.ft. for around $200K)

I will be mailing the letters this week followed by a twice monthly postcard.

The really nice thing is, I am marketing only to those select few that I feel #1) will respond, #2) I want their type of business, #3) Provide excellent repeat business and referrals.

Thanks to Paul, Kevin, and everyone else here on WCR that contributes to the marketing section of this forum.

Wow, you’ve been busy, Bert :slight_smile:

I wish you all the best with those

They look nice man. One thought… On the reminder card should it say “dont let anyone into your home” or “dont let just anyone into your home”

Bert, is the reminder card going to people you already have as customers?

Yes, as well as new customers that have received the letter.

also on the “high up there” flier it looks like you might’ve meant [I]lose[/I] instead of [I]loose[/I] in the “causing you to loose months of mobility”

Nice catch, thanks!

I can get them changed before the go to print next week.

Those are great Bert. Good luck with those. I really like the last one.

Great job Bert, best of luck !