Latest on Jim Willingham's condition

This was just posted by Gary Mauer on his window cleaning network…

Following are excerpts from a note about Jim Willingham, with the sad news that Jim is entering hospice care, and nearing the end of his year long battle with cancer. It’s not known how much time he has, but he’s not in pain at this point, and the family is hoping for a comfortable, peaceful passing.

Jim loves his friends, his family, his business and the other work he has done over the years in the window cleaning industry. His support of Big Brothers and Big Sisters has been hugely rewarding. He lived life on his terms but never missed a beat when another needed a hand.

Your job is to not be sad for long. Jim would not want that. Each day he was attending any sort of treatment, he carried with him a good joke and told it to everyone, the ill, the nurses, the doctors. So have a laugh or just shoot the breeze; Jim will be there in spirit laughing and gabbing with you.

Thank you all for the jokes, the emails, the cards, the flowers. It has meant the world to Jim and myself. I know we would not be where we are now if it were not for all of you.

Jacinda Willingham

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