Lawn care/pool routes

I’d like to find some guys who do one or the other of these services.

anyone here? Or, have a relative in either biz i can speak with?

My lawn care guy has an amazing route. This guy makes bank and takes 4 months a year off. He works by himself, owns his home and has 2 identical Cadillacs 1 white and 1 black and a sick work truck trailer setup. He only charges me 15 bucks a week, but like a nice store front route all his jobs are stacked together.

Ill see if he will speak to you.

That wud b kewl.

I used to do a few pools. I recommend this book: The ultimate pool maintenance manual.


Darren Cook once pooped in our pool when he was about eight-years-old.

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Did you save it? Was he famous or something :confused:

Chris will be awarding it to some lucky viewer between 8 and 8:30PM Eastern!

Mmm…scrumptious. I wonder if it can be fed-ex’d?

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I come from the pool industry and I am still a CPO (Certified Pool and spa operator), and to operate or care for a public/commercial pool or waterpark in Texas you have to have this certification. I really was into the chemistry. I loved how every little difference would change each pool’s chemestry and got off to diagnosing solutions to my customers. I have seen everything and I am fimiliar with repairing and troubleshooting pool chemestry and equipment. If you have any questions reguarding either of these please let me know how I can help.

TY. I will.