Lawn care, windows & carpets

It took a few weeks to tie it all together but last week we made it happen.

I have had a friend for about 10 years who is in the lawn care biz. he is also heavy into tree work. Bucket trucks, saws, lifts etc.

I have been thinking for years about this biz and we decided to join forces and pool our clients for some joint venture marketing.

I spent the better part of last week learning to operate the machinery and such on that side.

The work itself is more tiresome than windows but about even with carpets if you compare one hour to one hour. However, yard work is non stop.

It is fun to learn this work from guys (and his 30 year old daughter) who perform quality yard work. the tips and tricks that make a difference are no different than windows. well, different but not…

I have had a vision for some time now about a company that provides all three services for the clients. Right about the time the grass slows down here, windows and carpet begin to kick in. and, vise versa.

I am excited and wanted to share with my peeps here.

I did some property management a time back. The bigger the overall the service - the more revenue. The headaches became huge & decided to go back to just window cleaning. But if you have the inclination, I can see your business booming.

I’ve been hearing radio spots lately for zerorez carpet cleaning.

Yep. They are a franchise deal. when they hit an area, they saturate with tons of radio ads.