Learned my lesson

So let me ask you an honest question… You were 175 bucks off of your price (26% off your price). How long are you going to take to get her to today’s actual price you want, and how will you get her into what your price is in the future?

I find that most repeat clients don’t complain about a 5% increase, but more than that they take notice.

Me personally, would have had to correct the price based upon what I was told and what actually needed done. 50 bucks or less, I would have been ok with it. Being that much of a difference, I would not have done the job without a price adjustment. Nothing wrong with what you did, I just am not nice enough to give away my money like that.

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For people that want a price over the phone I only ever give them a ball park


What? So you bid accordingly and then you skip windows? I’d like to know.

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Good question.
My initial though was 2 years but I think some of that depends on how often she repeats and what my schedule is doing.

I am still gaining customers and filling my schedule.
If she calls every year and I can move her to $600. I’ll would be happy because it hits well over my daily numbers and it came in September which is a slow month for me.

I may never hear from her again. And I see your point for sure, if I had customers waiting or another job to go to I may have handled it differently.

I didn’t want to end up with nothing to show for the day ( just being honest). And I do see a difference in a poorly bid $200 job and a poorly bid $500 job. With the smaller job I would come to dread it because it ties up time that could be more productive elsewhere. But at least this job fills the day.

If she called back as a yearly I would probably move her to $575 and stick there. I would be faster the second time through because I know where stuff is and cut channels for her windows.

What is your thinking?


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I don’t have a good answer, other than to at least give the correction next service. She will either accept it or call someone else.

It’s really about what you and your client are happy with.

I will add though, you will save yourself headaches if you are the one calling for their next service. Don’t wait on them to call, or they might not. I like having it all hashed out by the time the first service is done. How often they want service, what times of the year, what other add ons and when they might want them. I get all their contact info in the beginning, and add them to the calendar to call them before their service is due, to set a date.

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I am really missing the boat on this I believe, I know I should be doing better at this. My repeat customers are no where I want and I know it is because I am not on the ball calling and setting up the repeat work. A huge mistake on my part I know.