Learned something today that may help out in a pinch

So i first learned on the forum to keep a squeeze bottle of solution on you so you don’t have to run outside to soak your mop. Them I found out about spray bottles. These work even better- a good time saver on interiors. Until you pull one of these and drop it on its head.

So I’m in a pinch, don’t want to grab the bucket and haul it across the parking lot and all that. Squeeze bottle had been gone but I’ve got an empty dawn bottle which is too big. Unscrewed its cap and onto the zep sprayer bottle. Voila!

Bowing down not necessary.


Yeah, I don’t know about the spray bottle thing. I just want to pour a line of water right on my mop and rock and roll.

I use some flip top bottles that I get at a restaurant supply store. I think they’re 12 or 16 oz, have a wide flip top so will pour water out fast in a wide stream, and they’re like $1. So I buy them 10 at a time and when the flip top lid falls off, I just toss it and grab another.