Ledger or lift?

I’m putting in a bid for a water treatment plant nearby and this is what the lobby looks like.
I’ve poled windows that tall before with no problems but the ledge is what concerns me. Is this something a ledger could handle or would a lift be necessary?
Thanks in advance!

They make ledgers with really long necks. Have you asked your supplier about the largest size they carry? Can you walk on the lobby roof outside?

This is where a carbon fiber traditional pole tip would come in handy.

This Unger training video shows people how to use their metal angle arm adapter with a thirty foot pole. About ten minutes into video.

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Whew. Unless you’re an absolute wizard at long pole, I say just get you a lift. It’ll save you a ton of time.

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36 ft ladder might do it. About $400 at Home Depot

Back in the day we’d use a sectional with a roller top. Forty five feet no problem.


Looks like a 35-40 foot set up here.

A big high rise company in Boston uses extension ladders with a very thick board bolted to the top to span the ladder rails. It has a groove carved into it to replicate the sectional ladder tops. Not as good as a sectional but they must like it because I saw more than one modified extension ladder at the job. They had sectional ladders inside the vans as well.


The job had mullions on the front lobby area like the OP job. Don’t know which ladder they went with 21ft sectional or modified extension.

Wow, yeah, I count at least 7 sections in that pic you posted. Not sure how high the deck is, either. At that height there’s got to be so much flex that the top of the ladder must be practically vertical when you get up there.



Yes they get bendie but it’s safe.

Alex: you’re right. It is vertical. Scary but the ladder isn’t going to break. It’ll bounce a tad when you move but no worries.

Beyond 21ft takes extra skill, a helper and big gonads. Most of the guys are using extension ladders these days for the high work.

Just found this picture. The extension ladder modification looked like this old sectional ladder v grove attachment only longer.

I once used u-bolts to attach my v-groove top to the end of a 28’ extension for a large brick building I worked at. Got me in the right 45° position for cleaning the large windows, and gave me the extra 2 feet or so of reach I needed.

Worked well. I don’t think I’d do it again, though.

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Alex: Are you talking about the top six foot section of a Metallica sectional ladder? I wish I could see pictures. That sounds so cool.

Yeah. It was cool. Found a distant pic of it:

I actually had to carve out a little space between the side rails of the extension ladder, so that the sectional piece could nest securely against the rungs.

But after going through all that work of fitting it together, I found I was much more comfortable doing the windows in two sets with a 40’ ladder. One centered just above the storm window frame, and one below on the sill. The windows are much bigger than they appear, and it was too much of a stretch to that top left pane.

If I ever do this job again, I think I will build a standoff that’s wide enough to span the window. Then I should be able to do the entire window in one ladder set, with something shorter than a 40’.

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Creative thinking for sure.

Looks like you’re one or two steps away from another modification you could sell. :sunglasses:

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