Left Hand doesn't know what right hand is doing

This morning, I opened my mail.

I got a reassement for my 2008 tax year, [B]where I owe[/B], $36.63 more. So they are demanding payment by cheque of $36.63. This is from the Ontario Government.

The same office, for the Ontario government reassed my 2007 tax year, and finds [B]that they owe me[/B] $40.04 for a refund. Therefore they mailed me a cheque for $40.04

Therefore in total the government owes me about $3 and change.

I find it humourous that the government will give me a cheque for overpaying and demand payment at the same time, on the same day.

It seems the Us government and the Government of Canada have something in common. They are both bureaucracies.

If that’s the only thing that you find laughable about the Ontario government, Mike, you’re not looking hard enough:confused:


Hahaha, isn’t that true