Legionnaires Disease!

Come across this on the net, according to this article adding screenwash to water will kill all bacteria,

So is this the answer to our pure water in our tanks add screenwash?


‘Windscreen fluid stops the bug from growing. If you can prevent it with something this simple then it’s a no-brainer really.’

Read more: Windscreen water could cause one in five cases of potentially fatal Legionnaires’ disease | Mail Online

Hey James,

Makes perfect sense…

Do you to realize though we here in the U.S. use the term 'Screen" for window screens and and not for car windshields ? What you call a sceen for your car we call windshield, so most likely all of us U.S.'ns will think your talking about window screens…

I’m sure that those here when they go to the link they will realize your Scottish terminology…In Canada instead of saying “gutter” , which is on the eave of a house , they say “eave trough”.

I bet we here in the U.S. have a bunch of different terminology for YAWL over there in GB…OOOOPs Scotland