Lets get brutally honest here

Ladders… Lets talk about ladders…

Errr… Um actually my website just got an extremely brutal makeover - While the last one was “pretty” it didn’t offer much quick and easy info about my company.

Tell me what you think, look for typos, tell me how ugly I am - anything you think I should change… (I may have to get a few more jobs if it’s plastic surgery)

Anyway looking for the straight shooting thoughts and comments I know you fellow WCR guys are willing to give :slight_smile:

Jolly Roger Co. Window Cleaning Keller, TX 682-465-0914

Question…it says free estimates within 15 mile radius. Do you charge for estimates beyond that 15 miles?

$2 a mile outside of 15 right now.

“Sidewalk, Driveway & Parking Lot Leaf Blowing
Lucky for our customers we still like playing in the leaves. Our price is $17.50 per 15 minutes. This service can be added on to any other service in 15 minute increments.”

What is your response on this? To me, it seems like it would be better to just give them a guaranteed quote instead of a 15 minute pricing structure. But if it has been working, may as well not change it.

Dang! If I did that, it would be at least 60 bucks or more just to give an estimate.

Do you think that turns people off from calling you to get an estimate? Or is that what you were looking for? Not traveling very far from the office, and keeping work close.

Great website, by the way. Did you do it yourself? If so, what program?

Just looking for a deterrent to people who want the estimate but are not serious about paying for the services or care about my time. Had one customer located about 60 miles round trip yank me around a bit. After scheduling they decided they wanted me to do the job in increments and not pay my fuel costs for coming back on a return trip - which they expected for free. I’m open for pricing advice lol

Haven’t done any - just added it as a service. Not knowing anything about normal / market pricing for it - Figured I needed to make around $70 an hour.

Looks good. On your slide show, put a bunch of pics of your company vehicle in front of house or commercial buildings. Action shots are always best. All in all, I think you did a really good job

Do your estimates online/over the phone :slight_smile:

Looks really nice. It looks like its loading a background image, and then a theme over top. See if you can fix that so it will load faster.

Typo: in residential blurb on main page “homes” needs an apostrophe

Website looks really good. I really like your logo. Definitely a logo people will remember. Great idea!

[MENTION=20262]Bunkerboot83[/MENTION]… This link does not load from your page: Window Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning-Troy, Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham, Franklin, Rochester Hills, Oakland County Michigan

As Caleb said,try to fix: “It looks like its loading a background image, and then a theme over top.”

Looks good bud.

My suggestion would be to increase price outside of the 15 mile radius. Add it to the quote. You might be deterring good customers as well as bad. Establish a system for bidding over the phone as well.

Website looks very nice. Looks like your prices are almost right in line with mine. Nice to get validation. lol looks good. Nice job.

Looks good, Only thing I might get rid of is minimum charge of $ 125. I love the small jobs that you can fit in your schedule and pick up a quick 50 or 75 bucks for 20 minutes work. Don’t want to scare someone away who might only want the outside of large window or something done.


Naw. Increase your minimum to $150.

I don’t think the facebook and google + link are working, they send me to wix

great look to the website. I really like the house on the front page. Of course, we all love the logo :slight_smile:

the look to the website is fine. The problem is that you are “wee-ing” all over yourself. “We do this” “we do that” “we offer blah blah blah blah blah” “we yada yada yada.” Not a single reference I could see on the front page to “you, Mrs. Customer.”