Let's hear your snappy comebacks

I hear it everyday and you probably do too. I really do wish I had a dollar for everytime I heard one.

“You missed a spot”.
“I’ve got some windows at home you can do when you’re finished” yes, I know what to do with this one, but usually they are just saying something to say something.
“My Tahoe is parked right over there with really dirty windows”
“What’s the secret?”

I vary what I say in return. Sometimes it’s “If that’s the only spot I miss today, it will be a good day!” Depends on my mood, who’s asking, what the comment is, etc. I like being interactive at times. It’s fun and breaks things up a little.

So, got any snappy comebacks for any of these or others that you constantly hear??

I don a competitor’s shirt with logo and say, “Go **** yourself!”

Now, that’s snappy!

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Snappy come back #1 “You missed a spot” Here is a rag get that for me :slight_smile: or yeah you sound like my wife lol I never say these but I sure do think them :slight_smile:

“That’s my signature…”

“You missed a spot”

“Haha, I never heard that before”

“I’ve got some windows at home you can do when you’re finished”

“My wife doesn’t allow me to follow strange women home, but you can call the office and make an appointment”

“My Tahoe is parked right over there with really dirty windows”

“Only if I get to borrow it this weekend”

“What’s the secret?”

“If I told you it wouldn’t be a secret then, would it?”

“well i could tell you, but then id have to kill you”

hahahaha ,these are great!

The one thing I’d like to do when someone says they have windows at home is to act seriously deranged and ask them in a mentally ill tone ,…“What’s the address?? I’m coming over right after this.”

I say “Yo no hablo Ingles”

Anyone tells me they have windows at home…They walk away from me with one of my cards in their hands and I have an appointment to give them their free estimate.

My favorite snappy comeback came from my old boss, we were at a 4 story condo complex and some guy came along and said, "The grass was aerated last week, can you keep off of it? My boss turns around and says, “Hey Tim, go grab the jetpacks out of the van!” He then calmly told the guy we will be as careful as possible but we can not stay off the grass.

You missed a spot
[B]If it’s a woman or a nice guy I just smile.
If it’s some jerkoff I say “Boy I’ve never heard that one before”[/B]

You can come to my house next
[B]I say with eyebrowns down “Are you flirting with me young lady (Even if she’s old)” They’re usually speechless, but love it!!
Don’t think a guy has ever said it yet…[/B]

We get all of those questions too…or the person with outstretched hands pretending as if theyre going right for the glass as we’re cleaning it. “Can you do my glasses” i’ve got that one before… and when a female employee and I were doing a storefront, an older man asked what we did if we had to clean a window on the 2nd floor…(assuming i guess that since we were women we didnt do anything above the ground)…“we climb a ladder” was my reply with a smile…:slight_smile:

I forgot the “You can do the windshield on my car next”
[B]I reply “Sure no problem, you got $20 bucks”[/B]

My Dad called from a private number when I was first starting and pretended to REALLY want his car windows cleaned, It was very convincing and a major **** off. And the end of the call, like Larry’s recommendation, I told him to go screw himself when I found out it was my own dad. We’re on good terms now…

whenever someone tells me I missed a spot I usually act like it’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard, then commend them on their origionality and sense of humor. Another one I get often is “can you come by my house next?” my reply is always the same, “all it takes is a lil money” this instantly weeds out the folks who aren’t serious. I’ve gotten a couple of jobs that way.

Yea, I don’t know what it is but I have been hearing the “You can come clean the windows at my house” and “Can you come by my house next”.

Sadly, it doesn’t ever appear to be anyone remotely interested in having their windows cleaned.

also had a kid at a college here in SD ask what the tucker pole I was carrying was for, I told him it was for cleaning giraffe teeth. I thought that was funny.