Let's play What Would You Have Bid?

Facts about this job.
-You SHOULD be able to fit a ladder safely between the pool and the back windows.
-The separators are removable.
-There are probably 10 or 15 windows on sides you can’t see in these 2 pics.
-Lots of the interior windows will require a stepladder.

My normal math (which I’m still ironing out a bit) put me at $410. But I just had a feeling something would make this job more difficult so I upped it to $480.

Ya I was way more closer to 600-700
6.50 pane in and out.
I would rather not get the job the next get it and hate life

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I lost a couple jobs early bidding $4/pane but I’m think I am in the early stages of carving out my niche customer. I added 15% to get to $480. Bidding differently for ground, step, and extension ladder windows seems give me more comfortable numbers. I’d pull in 6 figs easily if I was landing jobs at $6.5!



Yeah my gut says 650-700.

I’d have to see the access on the interior windows…

But from what I see…


I’d be around $500 and $600.

Where I’m from I can charge 750-900

Nah… you can get around $700ish! :wink:

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Damn fellas and ladies. Lots of bids close to 700. Well, if I get it, it’s not a bad day’s work at 480. But it would be a better day’s work at 700. If I keep winning bids as I carve out my demo I’ll have to experiment with going up 10% at a time til I start getting denied.

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That’s right another $480 deposit is a good feeling!

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I’m VERY new at this, but I figured about $600. Would have probably rounded up to that. I underbid my first few jobs by A LOT. But, I considered them all a learning experience. With time, I’m sure I’ll know how to price better.

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Lol you’re right.

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Anything on the sides? Could easily hit $8-$900.

I’m not saying I would have gotten it, but that’d be my price range.

Everyone starts somewhere, and learning to bid with confidence a skill just like using a squeegee or WFP. It takes time to get the hang of it. This forum helps.

$480 is great for a days work. If you’re new and using ladder and can finish that in a day by yourself, congrats. That’s a tall order.

$650+ if no unforeseen issues. Let them know extra issues changes the price.

I actually found our closing rate went up when we raised our price


one of the greatest things that’s helped us is somebody on the forum once said tell them the price like you’re telling them what time of day


Luckily its just the window cleaning ‘business’ that’s new. I’ve got plenty experience doing the actual windows.

This is tapping into my pet peave - where are you located? Your market makes all the difference. Asking us our opinion without this knowledge is useless for you.

Comparing California to NY to Florida to Texas to the Midwest is apples to oranges to grapefruits in many cases. You need to tap into what experienced cleaners are finding in your own market or similar ones. When getting input from people online - make sure to know and understand their markets.

That said, I’m in the dfw area and I would be in the 700 area myself.