Let's see what kind of hobbies everyone has

Just for fun and out of curiosity, I’d like to see everyone post up their hobbies and passions… we all have them, and if you dont, you probably should!

As for me, I actually road race motorcycles. Love the sport, everything about it. I’m also very big on fitness/bodybuilding, we’ll call this my cheaper of the 2 hobbies for sure! Started out as wanting to lose weight for racing, at the time I worked construction and let myself go a bit. It quickly turned into another hobby. Also, I’m becoming an avid rock climber.

Almost forgot, if you’re interested, scope out this vid of me tearing up a local canyon awhile back to get an idea of what I do : YouTube - Being chased down Ortega Highway on my pink bike

Forgot to mention, I’m in front… buddy was filming. And yes, the bike is pink :wink:

So, let’s hear them!

Odd timing and sorry for being a sap.

I work so I can play with my dogs. I am a Rottweiler fanatic. 4.5 five years ago I purhcased a German (yes there is a difference) blood line. This dog has been the perfect dog. Obeys and adores me. She has become a therapy dog working with the elderly and kids who can’t read, they read to her as she won’t laugh at them. She alone has landed me 5 figures in work easy. On certain jobs she protects the work truck keeping people 10 feet away.

I am on my way to pick her up for my last night with her and am totally heartbroken.

A few pics of her can be seen at

I’ve said since I was 10 I will retire in Montana with many Rotties
Flickr: dave.hancuff’s Photostream

Dude I have started playing Corn Hole and I cant stop. We just ordered custom boards with ower logo and lights. I don’t know why but I cant stop playing. I also play golf when I get a chance and I like cars but not long ago sold my car so now Im looking into getting a Yamaha R1. Other then that its pretty much all work.

I just seen your post and that video is sick!

I am an avid motocross rider and trail rider. I own several Yamaha quads and my bike is a Kawasaki KX 250. I guess you can say that I love to clean dirt and play in it as well. LOL! I also own a 3 man kayak and a canoe. I love the outdoors-even when its winter :slight_smile:


Chainsaw Juggling

I do a lot of gardening. I am a single dad with three kids so the more I can get out with them I do. We also like to go hiking around where we live. There are some great trails here and its a lot of fun to explain everything to the little ones.

That is awesome. The measure of a man is how he treats his kids.

No wonder you haven’t landed your 1st job

Now you know. The secret’s out. :wink:

Out here in CA, its all about the beach! So im in for surfing and Stand Up Paddling

Hobby? Man, I gotta get one of those.

You know what…? What I do, or said earlier, :wink: isn’t a hobby. I gotta get one, or two, of those too.

Longboarding!!! (the kind with wheels). There are some ‘rad’ hills, right here in my neighborhood :slight_smile:

Thanks man!

You know what, I should probably partake in the same thing being as how I’m in CA as well, I was just always busy with the other hobbies to even consider taking up yet another one! The weather has been perfect lately too.

Memories man, memories. I’ve got my sector 9 chillin in the garage, it’s typically my wheels in the track pit :wink:

My hobby I guess is anything to do with the movies - getting bloody expensive too now I have started moving more towards Blu Ray.
Also being a Brit I enjoy History quite a bit although living in the US you guys are somewhat lacking (short class in school huh)… I would say up to the good times 1776 ha ha I like Roman, WW 2 mostly and military history.

Nice aleph in your logo!
Longboarding sounds interesting.
I like golfing, baseball, tennis, basketball, reading. None of these get done much anymore since I’m insanely busy wearing too many hats in my biz and am pretty much dead when I might have time.
My family really enjoys traveling. Finger Lakes in NY is on the schedule.
We also like geocaching, a cheap fun family activity as well.

I have 5 kids. I don’t have time for hobbies, other than the one that led to having 5 kids…

When I’m not cleaning windows, I’m flying airplanes. When I’m not doing that, then it’s play time with the kids. Hiking, horseback riding, camping and fishing. Putting final touches for a few nights of camping this coming week with the family. Probable last tent camping of the season. Getting too hot already.

Oh, and Dejay, our cornhole set goes everywhere with us. Played it for the first time last summer at my wife’s cousins house in San Diego. Loved it. Wife bought me one for my birthday and it gets used constantly.

Dirt bikes (not as much or aggresive…to many broken bones)
Rivers, lakes, Boating, Kayaking, cliff jumpin, and fishin
Live Music