LFI or Ettore rubber.. The Diff?

O.K I allready know LFI is stiffer than ettore.
Somehow in my biz move i spaced and ordered LFI for my slayers, instead of the normal ETTORE rubber i allways use…
SO what is the ACTUAL differance i will see when i use the LFI (won’t get hot here for a couple more months…)
More streak prone??
more drag??
Harder to use???
just trying get a idea of what to look for before starting… thanks

I think the Ettore will just perform better an last longer.

Now that i think back, another reason why i went with LFI rubber is because the WRC site says its SPECIALLY made replacement rubber for the SLAYER.
AND i use ONLY slayers.
i guess i should have just gone with ettore… thanks



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The difference is that LFI is a hard rubber best used for hotter temps. Ettore (Soren) is a medium rubber that is great for all temps.

Thanks Tony!!!
I guess i will order some ettore rubber to hold me over
till the temps hit 100 around here… (about a month or so LOL)