Liability Insurance

Hi all - newbie to window cleaning and these forums have been a great resource for all the questions I have had by just reading “everything” I can find!

I do have 2 questions that I have tried to do a search on, but didn’t really get the info I needed:

  1. Anyone have an insurance company they can recommend for Liability Insurance?
  2. Those of you that use WFP - is that all you use on the outside of residential jobs or is it a combination of that with scruber/squeegee work?

Appreciate your help!

Sweeney & Sweeney - Tyler Hicks:

I use Farm Bureau. As for WFP I use it wherever possible. On some jobs like french panes on older homes where the glazing is falling out then I go traditional methods. Or CCUs where there’s alot of silicone or paint to remove.

Thanks for your help and quick response!

I use Safeco.

Larry & Sandra Still
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Me too – through my local agent.

I use Allstate. $1 million costs me $50/month

My policy includes $1 million in coverage and my work vehicle liability for $550 a year.

that’s a deal

Definitely a good deal not to mention my vehicle coverage is better than I had w/ State Farm.


Every State licenses Insurance Companies to do business in their state. The best thing is to check with a couple of insurance agents. I worked for an Insurance company for 22 years, and I have four agents give me a quote every time my policy comes up for renewal. The one thing to do is to check the A.M. Best rating for the insurance company. This give the financial strength of the company. You want them to be able to pay the claim if one happens. Reply on your agent’s advise and ask him questions. One thing to remember on commercial liability policies, the insurance company will audit you at the end of the policy period and either add or return some of the premium based on how your business has been, so when the agent asks you what revenue you expect in the upcoming year, tell him the truth, your premium will be more accurate. I hope this helps.

In an answer to your second question, we don’t use a WFP on residential.