Lift window cleaning

I am looking at a building that would require a lot of lift work. How much approximately would you charge for windows up to 7 stories with a lift? I know prices very by region just want a ball park figure. All windows are easily accessible with a lift.

7 floors with a lift, get your diapers ready. You are going to need a big boy. 90 ftr at least, articulated is always best. That lift alone is going to run you a few grand for the week. I have seen them as much as low as $1000 per week to $3000 per week. They get cheaper the longer you have them. I would price out the lift, double it’s cost on the bid and then price out the windows on a per basis, then add on factors like scraping, hw removal etc.

You can try united rentals, they will come out for free and look at the job site… and tell you exactly what size youll need.

Chris is right. I have used United, they will be very helpful.

thanks guys that at least gives me an idea of where to start.

One thing to watch for is a delivery charge for the lift some companys include it in the price, others bill seperatly. also dont forget to budjet for fuel if over few days