Link Exchange (better)

I had an idea I would like to put to the test. Instead of messaging everybody individually and having individual threads why don’t we all just write html for links we would like to place on each other websites for example my is:

<a href=“”>Window Cleaning</a>Residential Window Cleaning of North Valley.

You know how it goes, list your link post my link I’ll post your link

If everybody starts listing their link html we can do it efficiently.
Everybody links with everybody :slight_smile:
(It would be easier if everybody just posted html without any following comments just private message eachother about the links)

<a href=“”>Window Cleaning</a>Residential Window Cleaning in Albuquerque, NM.

<a href=“”>Window Cleaning New Jersey</a> -Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing NJ, Gutter Cleaning NJ<br>

<a href=“”>Window Cleaning </a> -Window Cleaning Tools, Window Cleaning message board, Window Cleaning Forum<br>

<a href=“”>Window Cleaning Equipment </a> -Window Cleaning Supplies, Window Cleaning Information, Window Cleaning Products<br>

… If you link up ours we will send you out a free tshirt

Everyone above me you are listed heres the link to check

Let me know if its the way you want it.

Heres my code <a href=“” title=“Elite Window Washing San Diego”>Commercial & Residential Window Cleaning San Diego</a>

I just added a ton of links on my site. If you’re not there let me know!

Okay guys,
I added Clean Window, My Window Man, Chris and Alex’s 3 sites and Tony Evans links to my site. Here is my code: <a href=“”>Dan Wagner Window Cleaning</a>Commercial and Residential Window Cleaning in NE Pennsylvania

Thanks much!

OK…here’s mine (I think I coded it correctly)

<p><a href=“” target=“_blank”><strong>Amazing Window Cleaning, Texas</strong></a> -

You’re on mine Larry!

Sorry, Im techno challenged, how do I know wht my html link is? Dont laugh, I know you all are! Also, How do you add links?

I’m not laughing Mike cause I don’t know either.:confused:

Just added everyone to my site
Still working on the link section but it does what its suppose to now.

My Link is

<a href=“”>Louisville KY Window Cleaning </a>

Albuquerque, NM.
NE Pennsylvania

I have these 2 up I will get the rest up soon.

Did you other 2 figure out how to make a link? If not I will do it for you.

This is my first post.

Ive gotten up 2 more:
Elite and Amazing.


Team Squeegee yours is up as well.

Here is mine:

If quality is the question then we are the answer - <a href=“”>Total Window Cleaning, Inc. </a>

Here are the links Ive put up.

<a href=“”>Window Cleaning</a> - Residential Window Cleaning in Albuquerque, NM.

          &lt;a href=""&gt;Dan Wagner Window Cleaning&lt;/a&gt; - Commercial and Residential Window Cleaning in NE Pennsylvania

          &lt;a href="" title="Elite Window Washing San Diego"&gt;Commercial and Residential Window Cleaning&lt;/a&gt; - San Diego

          &lt;a href="" target="_blank"&gt;Amazing Window Cleaning&lt;/a&gt; - Texas

          &lt;a href=""&gt;Louisville KY Window Cleaning &lt;/a&gt; - Team Squeegee

Sweet thanks! I will post your up on mine on Monday or Tuesday. By the way…Welcome to the site!

Some of the links didnt work so I took them off. One was a redirect, Thats not good. I would really like to exchange when they work let me know.
THXs from Portland

Sunup how do you make the links for link exchange? Im computer challenged !:)!

This is a place to try out your html:

Here you can put you slogan - <a href=“”>This is the link text, the stuff in blue put any thing you want here / key word phrase</a>

Ive put up a couple of links are others going to put up mine?