Linkage, and more SEO tips

If you don’t already have a website for your business, You really are missing out on a lot of business.
If you do have a website but prospective customers are not seeing it you are still missing out on Ca$H

I thought I’d open up a thread discussing SEO (search engine optimization)tips that anyone may feel inclined to share with the group.

One quick way to bump your website up in google, so that your customers have an easy time finding you is by having pleanty of links to your site from other sites.
As I have been swapping links with others on this site, I have seen my website move up in th google searches for my keywords.

If anyone would like to link to my site, go ahead and throw up a link to me on your page, here’s the code: <a href=“”>San Diego Window Cleaning</a>

once the link is on your page email me: [email protected] and I will put your link on my page right away.

Backlinks are just one way to improve your search engine ranking, what other strategies do you guys know of?

check your e-mail. :wink:


google really does not care about reciprocating links anymore, just one way links will do

I think he’s just wanting to return the favor.

I understand that one way links are better, but I’ve read differing opinions about recip links. Some say that they hold a little weight if they are from sites that have a similar content. Of course my info could be outdated, as google changes often.
Blogs are good for one way links right?

got it, your site is up my friend. I like your youtube video you have on your page. I am gonna hafta steal that idea =)

blogs are good yes,

recip links used to be the way to go, but it really does not help you like it used too.

but it does not hurt ya know???

Hey, it helped me land a spot in a NIKE commercial. Put yourself out there man, you just never know where it will lead.

I dont’ know a terrible amount about SEO, I would like to learn though.

One thing I do know is that adding yourself to Google Maps help. Google “window washing anderson, sc” and I’m the first on the list. I went from no visits a day to 8 visits on average. Of course, I want more. I want a better site too… that’s when I’ll really try to get some more visits.

If you are creating links to others, make sure you create the page to open into a new window, that way it does not take them away form your web page. They can close out the link and your page will still be n the back ground.

Anyone looking for reciprocal links…I’m in.

I have added a couple so far

I’ll link up with any of you. Just know that I am making a links page to accommodate the number of links I have now. Previously they were on my home page.

e-mail me at [email protected] is my website. :slight_smile:

I have you up on my site. Enjoy Southern California the weather is starting to change here.
45 mile per hour gusts today but warm.