List credentials

Why do some people feel they have to list their credentials and put their name as part of their post? Just put it in your profile or signature bar. Not a big deal just something I noticed and think is funny.

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It makes them feel important.

[I]I don’t know what you mean.[/I]

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Kevin Dubrosky
217 lbs
5’ 9.5"
35 years old

Husband of one beautiful and feisty half-french woman
Reader of many Business books
Eater of much Tzatziki
Drinker of much Diet Coke
Watcher of The Office
Sleeper of the late morning

Were you absent that day in school went they taught Canadians the metric system?

Kevin, which half of her is the feisty French half? Is your height with or without shoes? Diet coke from the can or bottle? boxers or briefs?

For real. It’s so annoying when people are so vague in their credential list… It almost makes them INcredible… totally defeats their intended purpose.

I haven’t really noticed it…who does that???

Thats a funny twist about Canada.

No Canadian could tell you how many kilograms they weight, only pounds, and no one knows how many centimetres tall they are, just feet and inches.

However, we don’t know how far a mile is, only kms.

Weird but true.

Oh, and we measure volume of liquids in litres and millilitres, not ounces or gallons.

Hmm. Not sure which half.

Without shoes.

I mix up the bottle/can sourcing.

And it’s personal.

Kevin, somebody put all of your stuff in the vending machine in the break room. Just thought you’d like to know…

Press E4 for the “Naked Window Cleaner”.

I must be a little dense, but I do not recall noticing this either.

Canada went metric around 1976. I worked in the window blind industry between 1998-2007. If anyone ever brought in blind sizes that were in metric, that would really upset the apple cart. INCHES only please!

I don’t want to name names but there’s at least 2 that I can think of. Kenny D just signs his name like he’s writing a letter and I think pro window kleening puts his name and years of service. I laugh a little every time for some reason.