Load levelers on truck

For those who use DI tanks on their trucks, do you guys use load levelers. Im putting a full contractor ladder rack on my other truck a 1999 toyota tacoma prerunner V6 and was wondering if ill need them when i have two DI tanks loaded in the bed?

or with that size of truck should i just roll with 1 tank?

I have a tacoma, and i just use one tank

give me your email address and i will send you a couple of pics of my set-up

Id be interested in seeing them to. Post em up Doug. (If you dont mind) All you have to do is hit manage attachments when you post. You can upload them right there just like you would inserting them into an email.

Thanks Chris,

Hope you guys like these pics,

I had a welder fabricate the DI tank holder for me, works like a charm

If any of you other window cleaners have pics of your rig set-ups, i would love to see also

Doug you are the man thanks for posting those pics and giving me some ideas. I dont know if you know Terry of Terrys window washing but he gave me the low down on a good fabricator so i am going to check him out. Did you have to put some load levelers on you tacoma for all that gear? Thanks again for sharing that bro.

I have met Terry once.

All i did to my truck was buy some leaf spring helpers, I paid $199.00 installed for them

I can give you my welders contact info if you need too…

dude for sure can you PM me the info!

Funny that Terry got brought up in this discussion.I remember when i hosted an AUWC seminar/event at Racenstein is when Terry saw my truck.From that point on he was sold on pure water cleaning;)

Hey Craig, can i see a pic of your rig setup?

I had a Pic or 2 up here of my rigs,not sure what thread its in?