Location : How did your company start where it did?

Were you already living in the area? Did you choose a location close by? Or did you elect to go somewhere you’d never been?

… Most importantly, what were your reasons for your decision?

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I chose to start my business in the area I grew up in. I work in the neighborhoods that I used to terrorize as a kid. I left for several years and lived in another state, but moved back because there was more money to be had in my home area.

A lot of my customers love the fact that I grew up here and went to the same schools as their kids. I occasionally work at houses that I used to frequent as a kid and run into parents of people I went to school with.

It’s a great conversation starter to talk about all the changes over the years and a way to relate and build relationships with my customers.


I started at the first strip mall near where I was living. Got the second door I knocked on. Well I was talking to my fifth contact my phone rang. and that first customer was referring me to a friend of hers that owned a business nearby. Later that year that first customer referred one of her customers to me for residential cleaning. That’s how I started…

We moved here because my wife wanted to be closer to her daughters. We’ve done quite well considering I had never been here before and didn’t know what to expect.