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GlassRenu Scratch Removal

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Check Location availability and purchase here:

GlassRenu Scratch Removal

so i have a question - we currently work regularly in 5 of the cities listed: savannah & augusta, ga, columbia & charleston, sc, & jax, fl. does this mean i need to buy another machine for each of those cities, or is the one (and soon to be two) i already have sufficient?

If I understand your question correctly, it will be sufficient…

You just took advantage of the trade in deal right?

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i did indeed, and with the announcement of the trade-in extension to the end of june, plan to send another one in soon, because the first is booked out.

i guess my question really is, if there are referrals currently or in the future for resto work in those areas (and every dinky li’l town in between), i want a crack at 'em. am i gonna get that, or do i need to buy a machine and essentially “buy” referral opportunities for each of those cities. what i’m hearing from you is, i’ve already done that. that’s cool with me.



Im glad you are finding so much scratch removal work… Its everywhere!

Folks please notice that the spread sheet of available cities in the GlassRenu products description will change dynamically. Once one is sold in that area, the folks at [URL=“http://shopwindowcleaner.com/manufacturer/glassrenu.html”]GlassRenu will delete that row from the spread sheet. Eventually the idea is to remove every row, and have a machine in every city.

You can read more about it here at our window cleaning blog or just click into the product description above.

Read more about this special on our window cleaning blog


Orlando is not listed as an available city. Can I still get it at the discounted price even if another company already bought one?

Hey Andrew!

Unfortunately I dont think so… But I will look into it for you right away, and be back to you.

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Shotgun!! Just ordered one!

And we service Raleigh, Durham, and Cary NC from the list.

Congrats Rob - You are going to love it.

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What if I’m in a rural area? The closest city to me that isn’t covered is Allentown, PA. I’m closer to Scranton, PA and Binghamton, NY but wonder if they [I]were[/I] listed and claimed.

Do you service any of the towns listed Dan?

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No, Allentown is the closest listed, but except for helping Randy of Grimebusters on Coca Cola Park, it’s pretty far unless there’s good enough money.

We are looking for users everywhere. The fact is that we have had 3 jobs that billed out at over $100K in the past 40 days that we had to have GlassRenu users Fly in to do. We have 2 users with 8 employees combined getting ready to descend on Las Vegas to do a $1M+ restoration job and they are from San Francisco CA and Miami FL.

The reality is that there are jobs that come in every day, and these don’t even represent 1% of the jobs that are out there. In fact we have 2 jobs that came in today, one in MA near lowell with a half dozen windows and one out in Oregon with 30 oxidized panes.

I just crossed 3 more cities off the list, so if you see your city listed (and by city I also mean service area) and you are looking to grow your business give Alex a call today.


are those leads coming in through grsn? i’d like to join that as a glass technician, but would like to speak with someone about listing our zip codes. we work in well over 100+, and am wondering how best to establish our service area, both with you and with grsn. area codes seem to work best for us, as we only work in seven of those.

bottom line is, and sorry if i’m repeating myself, i want a shot at those leads in my area - south georgia, south carolina, northern florida - i’ve got the manpower and the resources, i believe in your product, and i’ll buy whatever machines i need to, to do that.

but i have to tell ya, it’s killin’ me to see savannah on your list, i’ve got almost $18,000 worth of work there we’re already in the middle of. :slight_smile:
and we’ve bid on a $25,000 job in augusta we’re just waiting for them to find the budget money.


GRSN will send out any leads to anyone who covers the service area, but they do it blind. Shoot me an email with your service zip codes and I will forward it on to them.

More importantly I want to make sure I have this right… You have had your GlassRenu system for ~ a month and you already have (or have lined up) $43K in work! This is exactly what we are trying to let everyone know, there is SO MUCH money just waiting to be earned out there.

If you are reading this thread and your city is still on the list CALL ALEX NOW! This is an amazing deal, and we need technicians.

i’ll be happy to, there’s just a lot of zip codes, but i’ll get 'em to you in the am.

and, no, we have done or lined up a good bit more than that, those just happen to be three larger jobs i’ve personally been involved with in the last week. working on the sandblast pitting job we’ve talked about, a regular window cleaning bid on a savannah hotel turned into a $12K shower enclosure resto we’re starting on wednesday, and then a big hospital complex in augusta. the reason i’m wanting to know about the service area list is so i can determine how to proceed with buying more machines - whether putting one on each of our service trucks, or buying dedicated vehicles with 2 man/2 machine crews and which is a wiser long-term investment.

and i don’t know that i’ve made this clear enough - thank you for enhancing the profitability of my company.

I purchased my system but the areas are still listed as available.

I am updating the list as quickly as I can. check back soon.

For those of you offering this service, how are you finding the work?

What kind of leads available in Tyler Texas and would Tyler be included in this special?