Location map of our membership

Hey Alex and Chris,

Any chance there could be some kind of map showing where all the WCR members are located? I think it 'd be real cool to see where everyone is operating their business, at a glance.

Hot Damm!

Thats the best idea I have heard in a long while… I could maybe make a plug in to something?

Maybe google earth?

I could probably also tie this to the new lead service to help customers select someone in there area.

What mapping programs does everyone use?

Great idea Mark!

google 99% of the time

Google & MSN mapping

Yahoo! Maps.

google for me.


ooo I like that Karl…

I may us something that for our new lead service… Which if could mention again…The more people that sign up the more leads we can generate for everyone.

was there ever a wcr members map made? would be awesome to see who’s close

Hey Cedric

I actually made this - Shows whos live right now on the site. I never actually plotted it VS registered members… Maybe I will though, it would be kinda neat to see.

This is a great idea! Many of my customers are 2nd (3rd, 4th …) homeowners and I see the potential for networking with other WCR members both nationally and internationally! Just last week I worked for a property developer from London. I have referred a handful of customers to WC’ers who I have observed here on the forum and thought would make a good match. A map would make it easy to reference who is where.

great idea…google

that would be GREAT