I was thinking about making the “location” field on the registration as a required field. With that I mean that one cannot register if you don’t include where do you live/do business.

I believe that will open things even more for the new guys, making things easier.
Even when you consider that there are guys here that share info with local guys, which is very altruistic, but it will be easier on your head if you know before hand where that user is, and can even help when it comes to laws, taxes and some other regional stuff.

Just my 2 centavos.


What about existing members without a populated location?

Ask members to complete that info will be a first step I guess

Im always hesitant to make the sign up process to difficult… I would hate to scare someone away.

I would like it to automatically show a users location based on IP… Just got figure that one out.

Ok I put location in the sign up process… Its not a required filed… but its there… hopefully some will start to use it.

Thanks for listening, that’s always appreciated :slight_smile:

Ok we have had about 40 people sign up sense I made the change and it looks like they almost all put there location in.

I think of it as a win-win situation, current members will know where is that person they’re helping, and the new member will get more/faster response if people doesn’t have to figure it out if the will be a competitor or not.
Is not the most optimistic position, but is realistic at least.