Locking Pole Tips / Tool Talk with Mark the Window Cleaner


[SIZE=5][B]Locking Pole Tips Available Here![/B][/SIZE]


Thanks Mark, another excellent vid.

We use a wooden cone adapter on the Ettore pole for the super system handle. I also think it’s plain stupid that Ettore designed a locking tip that’s incompatible with the one handle that would be the most likely to need a locking tip for higher pole work.

I think its also the same with the zero degree squeegee swivel on the Unger. If I was Unger - I would have put more emphasis on tools that match with the range than colours.
Great vid yet again Mark!

My Unger 0° swivel fits fine on one of my Unger locking tips but the other one I have to push it on pretty hard. I think that it is much more of a quality control issue.

Perhaps mine’s an old one Mark.

I just got the Ettore locking tip and found the same issues you brought up. I’m a little disappointed to say the least. I haven’t tried the backflip on it yet though. Maybe that is it’s saving grace!