Logo Design Tips

I love graphic design and especially website and logo design. I’ve seen a lot of ideas for logos around here and thought I’d offer my .02.

[B]1. Always, always have your logo created in black and white first.[/B]
The reason: You can add color after you’ve picked which logo you like better. Color can sway you to like a poorly designed logo over a well designed one; just because you like the color better. Also, you know that if you need to do a single color print of your logo (like on shirts, or hats, or stickers) it will still look good.

[B]2. Make sure the logo is simple.[/B]
The reason: People usually only take a passing glance at a logo. They need to recognize it quickly. Also, you need the logo to look right at a very small size (favicons, business cards, shirts, etc).

[B]3. You’re logo does NOT have to include a squeegee or windows.[/B]
The reason: Yes, it would be nice if there were enough creative ways to display a squeegee or windows for every window cleaning company; but that’s just not possible. Logos are for branding. The point is to get people to recognize your logo. That [B]can[/B] be achieved in your local area. I know of several companies where I’m at that I recognize immediately by their logo. They’re just local, but I know who they are.

[B]4. Make sure your logo will look good across all mediums.[/B]
The reason: You’re going to have to put that logo on everything (business cards, uniforms, marketing material, websites, etc.), so make sure it looks right across all those mediums.

[B]5. Make sure you love the logo[/B]
The reason: You’re going to be stuck with it for a while. People get used to seeing one logo for a company. They expect it will always be the same. Granted, logos need updated every once in a while; but they don’t need to be changed constantly or the value of the logo is lost.

[B]6. Get your logo in a vector format.[/B]
The reason: It’s scalable. You can make it as small or as large as you want without loss of quality. This is very important.

I’ve been researching logo design for a while now and thought I would share what I have learned. I hope someone can benefit from this.

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Thank you, John.
A logo is something I have been putting off, but I really want to do it. I’m glad that you mentioned that a WC company doesn’t necessarily have to have a squeegee or a window in the logo. I like your logo, by the way.

Yes, thank you, John.
It is very difficult to think of a logo that will stay in someone’s memory.
We have several companies but a logo for only one of them. We just can’t decide on where to begin. Your comment helps.

Great info John. I am just starting to work on a logo and I have not heard about creating it in black and white first. Also, the vector idea sounds important so the logo can be resized for different uses.

Yeah the vector is really a must for any company. That will allow you to create a billboard ad with your logo on it or a favicon for your website. If you’re having it professionally designed they should provide you with a vector format, usually an ai (adobe illustrator) file.

I thought you had to have a squeegee in your logo and every company had to have ‘Kleen’ in the name.