My logo is pretty lame, and I am about to order some new biz cards, and finally create a website, so I’d like to have a better logo before I do this.
Can anybody recommend me to a good artist? quick turn around time is important to me.

legend of doug>> how fast do you need a logo? what do you want on it, any ideas? My wife designed my logo and my website, her rate is pretty decent, and she does good work. if you want more info just email me, and if you want to see some of her work she did for me go to: www.crazyclean.ca

email is: [email protected]


$150 unlimited reviews <— that part is key

I have worked with these guys before, they are good people and easy to deal with.

Yo Doug,

go to this website, Barbara Wilson will make you a killer window cleaning website and create anything you want…

She is really cheap too.

her window cleaning websites start only at $180.00

and you can go to ipower.com for hosting, i think it is like $4.95 per month for hosting, they are out of Santa Monica

here is the link


PS: Tell her that Doug from Star Brite sent you…

WOW…talk about over priced and under delivery. $200 for 3 web pages, and you have to pick a template and they’ll throw your design in…sorry

go to

and find a web designer…they’re not $200 for a template 3 web pages LOL!

I would rather have one of those sites than yours, your site is plain and boring, there is no “WOW”

Just one window cleaners thoughts

did this lady make your website?

nope, i got my website for free by joining thecustomerfactor.com

but she did make the template i believe.

well, it has “wow” :wink:

Thanks guys, got all the info I was looking for!:smiley:

My logo cost me 25.00 and he is very timely and responsive. Check out his web site at http://www.10dollardesigns.com//index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=28

He also has the best price on website design and banners. His name is Jared and very creative and works until you are satisfied. He also call you right back and even has done some changes in real time as I was on the phone. EDK

I just got my finished logo from Jared today, I agree completely!


Hey Charlie how’s thing on top of Pontchartrain? Can we see your logo?

Jared designed my logo. He is the bomb

Hey Tony, things are going good, (depending on what this hurricane does is going to determine whether or not things are going great!!). August for sure was a slow month, but I already have 3 weeks of September filled up and about a week in October.

Jared sent it to me in adobe format, I need to figure out how to get it from there to My Pictures, (or somewhere), so that I can show you guys. Can anyone help out a computer illiterate window washer??

I’m going to change the existing logo’s on my trucks and go with this one. On my commercial proposal’s I’ll go with a different one that is a little more business looking. As soon as I can figure it out, I’ll put it up!!