LOL, I ran into a guy today

And it coul produce irreversable side effects to your health. I will scrub longer and harder to avoid these.

Definatly dont use bleach if using ammonia!

I know this film installer that we have been referring over the past 4 years. He tells me that there are alot of myths to film tint. This guy is a professional to a T. He told me that the old tint used years ago was totally junk. Adhesive was junk which is what made it bubble and peel after a few years. The sun caused this stuff to turn purple too.

Window tinters back in the day used ammonia and windex as scapegoats to avoid having to replace this junk tint. It was just a crappy product.

Tints today have came a long,long way since those days. Premium quality “lifetime guaranteed” tints have metal integrated into the tint. He told me that Vista tint (A tint company) will tint a piece of glass in their laboratory, lower it into trays filled with everything you could imagine (alcohol,gasoline,kerosene, mineral spirits-you get the picture) for weeks and even months. When they remove it from the tray, the film tint is stuck to the glass and has no damage - no bubbles-no peeling- no discoloration. Using ammonia on the old tint could damage it because it is old and was junk to begin with. I have even scratched old tint with my scrubber just wetting it down. The stuff was a joke from day one.