Long trip going light with backpack

I have a seven year customer that wants me to clean their mountain home again and face a 2 hr plus drive. I have opted to go with a backpack sprayer and my wfp for the very high windows and use my sedan with an lg ladder. The drive will be a joy instead of a grind in the ford e150.

I am enthusiastic about the prospect of using a battery power back sprayer on select windows to up my efficiency.

I got three 13 minutes cycles and maybe more out of the old harbor freight sprayer that has been kicking around the cave for years.

This tool can get my water to 35 ft with decent flow.

Personally now it is all about efficiency and knowing what works and what is bs. I am shedding a lot of very ineffective practices that have imprisoned me

A good post might be to ask the members what useless little time vultures that have dropped.

A good guy from Arizona once told me the biggest time waster can be tracks.

i spend less and less concern with the bottom edge on high glass.

I used to nitpick stuff you could never see just out of some kind of self righteous commitment to honesty and value.

I got off track but if you are still here thanks.