Look at this pile of money!

My postcards from WCR came in this afternoon. Currently in the process of bagging and tagging for delivery into my target areas.

All I can think about is…Look at all these happy NEW Customers!

And a special thanks to Stephanie and the rest of the team at WCR for giving me a result that Im thrilled with.

Ha, good for you!

Your enthusiasm is contagious… thanks for the smile!

How many cards are you sending out? What’s the total price for postage and all? Just curious as I would love to get into some direct mail pieces.

I got 5000. They will be hand delivered, not mailed. It’ll be 550 to have them passed out.

How long do you estimate it will take to hand deliver 5000?

too long

I have 4 people that will be putting out 3-500 a day (each). Anymore than that is tough on the body. The plan is to have them all delivered over the next 2 weeks. That shoudl allow enough of a gap to handle the calls and get jobs doen.

Im looking to get at least 25 jobs directly from this initiative. That will cover costs, payroll and setup me for a run of 10,000.

I’ve proven I can get a .50% return from home printed flyers and should get at least the same from something more professional looking.

This is gonna be real exciting.

Yeah, I saw a picture of a WCR truck with 25000 flyers stuffed in the back. I don’t even have a ‘table’ full, much less a truck full…YET.