Look for rock chips in glass before using the wfp

today i was going to town with my wfp and CRACK! there was a rock chip in the glass from a lawnmower or weed eater or something. I saw the chip but it looked like bird poop from my angle. the customer was understanding and said that the mowing company did it. I told them the truth that i made it worse. Did I do the right thing? should I have just replaced it. There is no way that I broke the glass I just made the already broken glass run out.

What would you do?

I’d go half with them (or the mowing company) on replacing it

That has happened to me but i was not using my WFP. I was on the side of the window as i couldn’t get to it all that great and i noticed spot that looked like bird dung. using my blue towel i was trying to rub it out and bang … That thing cracked from the middle all the way to the bottom corner. Told the customer and they told me not to worry since a bird hit it. I still wanted to replace it but they said not to worry about it.
I think by being totally upfront and telling a customer they will respect you and know your honest.
Look at this way … Do you think if they had another window cleaner they got from a flyer with stupidly low prices that window cleaner would of told them that he broke / cracked the window even worse ? [B][SIZE=5]HELLLLLLLLLLLLLL NO [/SIZE][/B]…
He would of probably just went on and hoped they didn’t see it before he got paid and left then he could of said he did not see a broken cracked window !
So yes you did the right thing.

Not your fault at all! Thats pre existing damage…

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The rest of the story…I fixed the window and paid for it even after the customer resisted. Why?

1.because it may take 10 years to create a great reputation and 5 minutes to ruin a great reputation.

2.the cost of the glass and my time was far less than loosing a customer

4.referals that I will receive from this person who is already recommending my service because of a top notch job and honesty.

  1. even though the window had a small chip from a lawnmower my brush made the small cracks run, I felt responsible.

  2. It was the right thing to do

I will inspect the windows more closely at every job and if something breaks, no questions asked the default answer is…

“I will take care of it” every time