Looking for a high rise window cleaner to be featured in a commercial

What up family!
I got a call this morning from the company mentioned in the attached flyer and she isn’t sure where they’ll be shooting the commercial so if they don’t decide on San Diego, they are looking for all options and I said I’d help out.

So I’ve pasted what she said to me. Please feel free to either put a post here in this thread or contact her directly.

I am writing about an unusual opportunity. Our client is casting a high rise window washer!

Our ideal candidate

45 & over that has used Bayer Aspirin to treat -
stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, or high cholesterol.
Works for window washing company and can still get into a harness/bucket.
We encourage all men that fit this description to contact us TODAY!
A quick Skype or Facetime chat is all that will be needed to be considered.
Day rate will be paid.

The proposed shoot date is January 22, 2018, in LA, SF, MIA, Houston or San Diego, depending on the city our chosen contributor works.
We are only seeking candidates from these locations and their surrounding areas.

Any immediate help in getting the word out would be fantastic.
Please reach out to me with any questions as soon as possible. Call me at any time.
Please feel free to post our flyer.


Cool. Don’t forget us when you’re rich and famous!

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She still hasn’t seen my picture yet. Soon as she looks at it she’s gunna look elsewhere I’m sure:rofl:


I wonder what’s the pay :moneybag:

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The py on advertising with firms is good.

We did one 10 years on a highrise ended up being 2 guys 5 hours , received $2000.


They are being very firm on the requirements I’m told and I don’t qualify. They want someone that has had or does have a heart condition and still cleans windows that takes asprin.

I told her I’d try.

Ummm, it’s a commercial. Why does it matter that you actually have a heart condition? If they want someone that actually does rope work that is in their 50’s, I’d think that’s what they would shoot for.

The whole thing seems weird/fishy to me in the place where we are with technology. A green screen does almost anything, anymore.

No one really belives the construction worker in the old Crazy Glue commercials was actually suspended 40 floors above the ground, do they?

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haha no kidding right? just relaying the info man.

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