Looking for Glass Renu Subcontractor

Is there anyone who is experienced with Glass Renu system. The masons on a new residential construction job sratched about 5 windows, one is pretty bad. I’m not ready to invest $2500 on the system yet but but the contractor found someone in San Diego who would fly out here to do it for $2500. Pella would replace them for around $3500 + cost of repainting/staining them. This is a 3 million dollar house so I’m thinking if it were mine I’d want the windows replaced and he’s going to hold the mason accountable. Do any of you have experience with Glass Renu or any opinions on what we should do?


Hey Ryan have you called Glass Renew direct to see if theirs someone local to you?

John K. is in Longmont, CO and has a system, but it is about 4 hours each way.