Looking for Ideas

I just signed up to sponsor a golf hole at the local library’s second annual golf outing. The cool part about it is that it’s mini golf and it’s inside the library. Golfers pay to play and the money goes to the “Friends of the Library” which raises money to help sponsor kids reading programs, donate books and a ton of other worthwhile events.

Ok, so now this is where I need some ideas. The women running the program said I need to decorate the hole in a theme around window cleaning to help advertise my business and make the hole fun for the players. So any ideas you can throw out there would be greatly appreciated.

I betting that it will be a big waste of time. IMO!

I doubt that it will help improve business in any way at all…I sponsored a hole at the AM600 KOGO golf classic, and didnt get not even one new customer…
BUT, I had a good time. So, to answer your question, maybe you can get some windows (frame and all) off craigslist, have one dirty, one clean right next to it with a small sign or sticker “this is what we do”, or how about a couple old squeegees made to cross each other and glued together just over the hole? Dont know man…if you gotta pay to sponsor the hole, why do you have to decorate it too?

You don’t have to pay anything to be involved right? I think you could have a lot of fun with this. I would find some old double hung 6/6 sashes(definetly check craigslist) and take out all the glass. Then I would use wax paper to replace the panes. You could set up a little ramp and you have to break the window to get to the hole. You could screw a 6 inch squeegee onto a wooden pole tip and they have to use a small extension pole as the club. Obviously there may be a liability issue, but you could have them take the first shot with your homemade squeegee putter from a small step ladder. You could maybe work it to show how unsafe it can be for the homeowner to be on a ladder. These small local charitable things are a good way to keep your name in the minds of your customers. If these people are giving their time and money to support the library, good chance they don’t have the time to clean their own windows.

A couple more things, you could use the idea that was posted in the thread on home shows. If you have a easel you could set up a storm window, and have kids smear mud or jelly or something on the window and then clean it. You could maybe set two up and you clean one side, and let someone clean the other one with windex and a paper towel to show the difference in results. If you have employees I would have them clean the interior windows sometime beforehand and have them do the exterior on the day of the event.

quick idea… put a wndow behind the hole with a squeegee on it. when the player makes the put, it hits something to activate the squeegee to slide down the glass like it was being cleaned. you could place a clothe on the window while the squeegee is up to replicate a dirty window. then when the squeegee comes down, it brings the clothe with it so after you see a clean window.

just a thought, you could replicate a windmill but instead have squeegees at the end of poles instead of a big fan that rotates and periodically blocks the entrance to the hole.

We get calls for that too. I don’t think it makes sense.