Looking for info on expanding to do holiday lighting!


We’re up here in Michigan, and are interested in offering our customers holiday lighting to fill our down months of December and January. A Nov./Dec. 2007 article in American Window Cleaner Magazine cites several window cleaners who have done this successfully, and one of them, Patrick Analore of Oviedo, Florida, mentions a company called Creative Decorating (at this link: Commercial Outdoor Christmas Decorations - Christmas Decorating) as having a great manual and instructional DVD set for those wanting to get started in this business.

I phoned the owner of Creative Decorating, asking him to e-mail me a couple of names of people who had used his system, so I could contact them for their thoughts on it. No e-mail was forthcoming, and I’ve left several phone messages with this person (I believe his name is Brad), to no avail.

I have also not been successful in contacting any of the window cleaners/holiday lighting business owners mentioned in the article. Messages haven’t been returned.

Does anyone here have experience in this area? How did you get started? Can you recommend a training resource? We really want to get on this so we can be prepared for this winter.

Thank you!

Ken and Sarah Maine

shoot me a pm with your phone number and I will call when I can. Love lighting for many many reasons.

Thank you Dave. Done.

I’ve often thought this could be a lucrative business to get into

How much would you charge for hanging them?

I looked at the website,is it just me or do all the tabs take you right back to the same spot?

Same here. Its a very professional website. haha

The owner, Brad, says a virus has attacked the site. But I was hoping at least for a returned phone call.

The article I mentioned earlier, in American Window Cleaner Magazine, suggests somewhere between a $500-$1000 minimum charge. But we’re not sure what this is based on. Any advice, direction toward training, etc., would be what we’re looking for!

Ken, type in “Holiiday Lighting” in the search bar. Might help you in finding the info you need.

If you go Lawnsite .com there is an actual forum with many, many, many hours of reading material on holiday lighting. Have fun

Thanks guys! Appreciate it!

Try this site Village Lighting Company :: Prograde Lighing and Training It’s about $100 for the pack

That lighting vest looks pretty cool on this website.