Looking for Insurance in MA

Its been a while since I posted last, but I am in a bind. I am looking to get insurance in the state of MA. This is only our 2nd full year in business and have not need it up to this point, but it seem to do any sort commercial work, I’ll need it. if you have an agent or know were i can turn it would be greatly appreciated.

I have not officially started my business but … wouldn’t even consider doing windows without being insured. My policy begins March first, I went with Hartford because they have a home/business policy, insured my home and my business very reasonably. You might want to check them out.

Joie Lehman

Hey Anthony,

This guy is the official insurance guy for the MWCoA. I use him for my general liability policy. He is familiar with window cleaning company needs. He is in Michigan but can establish a policy for you from there. His price was fair also. I go local for my workers comp.

Brian Mattila
5738 Foremost Drive SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Good Luck!

That’s who I use too, great service and good prices.


Thanks, Ill reach out to him on Monday.

Yeah ive heard good things about that guy… He does work for a lot of WC’s…