Looking for Radius Bomb Info & Reviews

I’m still looking for feedback from people who have been using Radius Bomb. I have a roofer friend that is using it but her goals with it are different then mine.

Also, why can’t I find where to sign up and the cost for Radius Bomb online. I can watch the same 90 second video but there’s nothing else. Can anyone help with the current cost and other info?

Atcost printing is possibly looking to set up a radius bomb/eddm mailing service. We were looking for feedback to see if people would be interested. I will keep you updated on the progress.


One stop shopping, I would prefer that! But also must be price compared.

Very cool to hear. Can you email me more info about what you’re working on? I’m curious how your service will work. It might be just what the doctor ordered.

We are still ironing out some logistics, we should hopefully have it up and running by next month. I will keep you posted!


I would love to have that service available to me please please please do that

I deleted the link posted earlier, it no longer works. :roll_eyes: