Looking for regs

Can’t seem to find the regulations on OSHA’s website pertaining to powerwashing bird **** off the side of a building. I know that stuff is bad, really bad. But I want to make sure I know what I am getting into before I hit up this quote. Thanks

I thought you meant something totally different by the title, ha ha. Sorry I don’t know the answer too your question though.

Are you looking for an OSHA regulation, or an EPA (Clean Water Act) regulation?

Both would be great. Man OSHA only shows stuff on chicken killing

Maybe you’re in the wrong business.

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You know this is interesting and pertains to our talk about the poor guys who died recently. How the rules are convoluted, hard to find and well, just all around confusing.
How can I ensure I comply with the laws if I can’t find them? How can I bid a job, not knowing if there is anything special I need to be aware of? It’s for reasons like this I sometimes highball a job. I want to make sure if I do violate any law, I have the funds to either pay or fight it.

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Have you tried contacting the IWCA or someone at OSHA for an answer to your question.

Perhaps PWNA instead of IWCA due his question is PW’er-related.

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Hey Ray… I ran your question by the pros over at the Grime Scene… and they dont believe any such regulations exist.

But they did mention:

Pigeon doo is some bad stuff in confined spaces,like attic infestation. Very bad, requires positive pressure mask and basically Hazmat suit. Used to be a fireman / paramedic in another life and I cant remember all the details but I do remember going over that at length in training and watched it once on a video. Was some baaaad stuff to ingest…Like kill ya bad from what I remember. I wouldn’t touch it if it’s inside or bad enough to even be questionable. Those kind of clean ups cost thousands and thousands of dollars and the HO probably has already been told this thats why they may have started calling “out of the book” contractors who might not deal with that kind of thing and or know it. If its just washing down a stoop or overhang then thats another thing but I’m not claiming to be the authority, do some research because it can be some bad stuff.

Thanks bro. Yeah it’s been a real pain trying to find this stuff out. I had no problem with a regular PW but once they mentioned the poop I knew it was bad. I remembered from the MWCOA seminar about the stuff and how the bird barrier guys use it as a selling point (IE make sure the company hires the right people) anyway been calling around all morning. State, county, local. No one knows anything. My main concern the place is backed up to the delaware river and even if I was to keep the water on site, I know it can contaminate the river. So now it becomes an issue of getting it into a sewer system that goes directly to the plant. IE your bathroom water. Man this is going to be fun. I will be subing the job out, but i want to make sure I am 100% up to speed on the laws so I know I hired the correct guy. But like the people said on that other forum and the people on the phone have said. No one is sure and no one thinks there are regulations. But I know my luck, the day the guy sprays will be the day I get hit with the fines. On that note I’m very nervous as from reading on the web. If you are in violation you can get a fine from OSHA (up to 25k), the state (up to 25k), the county (up to 15k) and local (15k). All pertain to the clean water act and I’m just looking to be safe. Thanks for the info, Ill keep calling numbers :slight_smile:

I know a couple of guys in New Jersey who power wash who will do a good job and correctly.
PM me if you want me to contact them for you.

I have a sub already
but would not mind talking to them about the regs if they know anything. So far all I’ve gotten is there needs to be a local permit attained. Funny though, I just got back from the place and there is a water treatment plant 3 blocks down the street on the other side of the highway. This just keeps getting more and more interesting. lol

Ah got what I need. Interesting, you have to love this state and how wacky it is. You need a permit for every dam powerwashing job you do. You dont need one to do the job, but you need one for the waste. $600. For ever job. Permit must be issued by njdep. Nice thing is this permit thumps any other permit so you have no need to get one from the county or locals. Well looks like that permit goes into the cost.

When I asked the guy “How in the world can companies be offering powerwashing services in this state? You can’t expect a company to pay $600 for a new permit for every job. Is there a blanket permit or license?”. “No! Those companys are breaking the law. Maybe they don’t know they are breaking the law, but they are.” So then I ask, what if I’m a homeowner and just want to wash my house. “No you need the permit!”. Typical Jersey. Give us your money can you can work.