Looking for work down south

the winter in philly is ruthless & work is far between. i would like to work w/ a company this january & febuary this coming season.
been cleaning glass for 23+years & 14 of those years are doing high rise genie chair work.
hit me up if you have a spot on the roster for me. was going to get a part time restaurant job just to keep busy. working for another wc company that i can learn different styles from in a warm place sounds better to me. i also dont mind working in the cold weather if someone can keep me busy.

Joe you may want to reach out to jason Evers in Florida -Coastline Cleaning I believe is the name of his company… He is a member here…

thanx bud, i’m on it.

Nice guy. I met him at an event. Great speaker.

January and February not booked yet, but if it is as busy as we are now, I might have a place for you. We are booked 6 days a week until Christmas. We leave 1 day per week for rain/reschedules. We have hired 2 just this month and and are still falling behind.