Looking for work

:confused: For any one looking for a worker, I have just finished a night mare contract in Vegas and I am looking for work any were in the industry and I can be any were in the world within one week. I have been in the industry for to many years to recount. I have a work permit for Canada and social number. I can work in U, K, as I am British. Have worked in U, S, A, and know my way around the employment rules. And I can work in Commonwealth countries. Always willing to consider any country not covered.
I do rope asses Boson chair and podium, Swing stage also rigging. Elevated access equipment I have ticket up to 140ft and instructors licence. Can use ladders up to 60ft Tucker pole extension pole and yes I can clean windows as well as pressure wash on the ground and on ropes.
Trained in health and safety in U,K, U,S,A, and Canada any offers

no offense, but from quickly reading your post you sound like you want to be an illegal worker.

That sounds like a stretch even for me, Mike.

Perhaps he should post on World.

Yeah I guess, I just don’t understand his situation. It seems odd.

His world and experiences are just different than yours or mine.

No I work legal where ever i go just had practice at getting permits sorted out. Most systems are quite easy to use. and believe it or not window cleaners High rise are in short supply.

Did you ever work in Australia? I seem to recognise you?

No I have not got to Australia yet,

you must command a good rate. Not that you have to tell us what that is. But if you are willing to travel around the world, it must be pretty lucrative.

come on down to knoxville, tn. i’ll put you to work. we keep busy march-december. hi rise and residential. no route work.

shoot me an email. [email protected] i wonder how you can get all over the world on window cleaner pay. i cant seem to get west of the mississippi river.

Certainly not true in Toronto. Dime a dozen. Willing to work for donuts and beer.

Rope, the guys in S florida…the name escapes me right now…often run an ad in window cleaner mag looking for help this time of year.

The pay is decent…look into it bro. someone else will surely post a link.



Chair/Ladder $5,000 month+
Residential $4,500 month+

Told ya.