Looking to get into window cleaning. I need to make an extra 100 bucks on the wknd starting out

I live outside of Memphis TN and want to get into window washing to make some extra money. I don’t have tools or a truck but I do have some funds to get me started. How difficult would it be to make 100 an afternoon doing storefronts or fast food restaraunts? What are the minimum supplies I need to get started? My goal is to make enough money doing this to be able to go part time at my day job. Thanks!

u can make that in 2-3hours doing storefronts easy.

applicator, squeegee, pole, towels, scraper, belt, water, soap, stir stick, 5 gallon bucket, business cards, pen

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Thanks. What about a ladder? If I am doing Starbucks, Burger King, strip mall stores etc it will be single story but these locations still have higher windows above my ahead. I figure a telescope ladder could fit in my car.

Are you going to get business insurance and a business bank account?


• Swagbucks. Answer survey’s for around $100.
• Uber
• Test lotions and such for cash, pays $25 to $2,000
• Mow-N-Blow 3 or 4 yards per day at $25-$35 each
• Get free things off Craigslist and sale them on Craigslist
• Make things out of pallet wood and sell them
• Deliver groceries through Taskrabbit for $25 per hour
• Sell your blood for $30-$40; 4 x’s = over $100

There is more to window cleaning then splish-n-splash.

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Yes if I need too.

Is making 100 bucks on a wknd washing windows an unreasonable goal? I am a bit confused by your comment.

To do any sort of legitimate business with any other business you should have those first, then hit storefronts and get business.

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Store Fronts are often highly competitive and established businesses pretty likely have most of the customers . Many stores that do not have a window cleaner where window cleaners are active likely don’t see the value in hiring a window cleaner.

Expecting to go buy a squeegee and ladder, and jump into earning $100 a day on a weekend or two just seems cavalier of the business. You will run into a whole lot of “No” so running that list I posted of searching other angles might be better pickings.

It just seems to me that majority of people on here put their heart and soul into building a strong business, but that never stops others from thinking anyone can take that business on a weekend day and run with it. Pardon me if that sounds a bit pointed, but there are a ton of things out there can earn you $100.


a step stool… u wont need a ladder for most store fronts. and honestly wont need a step stool very often.
i would advise against a ladder/step stool until u book that job that requires it- whiih in store front land might not be ever.

as an example i hit 5 stores today, picked 2 of them for an extra 50$ a month. took me 20 minutes to walk all 5 stores. took me about 30 minutes to do both stores.

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Will you be doing it with insurance and business account to start out?

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He’s trying to say it takes a lot of pounding the pavement to even get a store non the less enough stores to even hit a $100 on a weekend.