Looking to hire and need advice

Started a new job for insurance and a steady paying job. But now I work 6 days a week from 11-7pm. Some mornings can’t get out to do the jobs till after 9am because I have to take my little girl to school. I am looking to hire someone to help out with the window cleaning. Was thinking about paying them at 50% and they use their own vehicle. I know I need business insurance. Can I set them up as a Sub so I don’t have to deal with the taxes. Or should I take out the taxes for them? Is there anything else I need to do? Could I call one of you guys to ask a couple questions? I starting to fall behind on some of the jobs and don’t won’t to loose any accounts.

If they are subs, you don’t need to take out anything. Subs are a whole seperate business. For a sub you have them fill out a 1099 and you pay them full price. IE: your paying 50%. On a $100 job, you would give them $50.00 and they deal with taxes and all the backend of their business.
Insurance, they must hold as much if not more then you. IE: If you hold $1,000,000.00 in property damage, so must they. They can have more, but not less.
Call your insurance company cause I remember mine telling me that regardless if they have insurance or not. If they are on a job for you, using their own truck and get in an accident that day. Your insurance can be sued by his/her insurance. If you tell them the job is on 01/01/2009. At 12 midnight your local time 12/31/08 to 12 midnight 01/01/2009 that person is covered under your insurance. Don’t seem like much, but if the guy does a job and goes home at 5pm then drives to get milk at 7pm, crashes his car. His insurance can still go after yours under the premise that if he was not working for you, He could have gotten his milk at 2pm and avoided the accident. Crazy stuff. But if you can swing it. 1099 is the way to go.

But what if i want them to get me more business? As a sub the no compete won’t work right? Because they have their own business. What do i need to do to hire them as a employee? W2. What do you guys use to take out taxes? Im pretty small right now. Im sure i can do it on my own.

We use paychex. They take out the taxes and write the checks. all you have to do is tell paychex what each employee is getting paid.