Looking to Start a Window Cleaning Business

Hey Everyone,

This forum is GOLD! I’m so happy to have found it.

Why Window Cleaning?

My wife owns a house cleaning company and it’s growing quickly month after month. After looking at different services we can up-sell, I have decided window cleaning is the way to go.

My plan is to start a separate company that I will run - and use her relationships to get my foot in the door. Since I don’t have any experience, I first plan on practicing on friends, family and my own home until I feel comforable with my skills.

Plus, with this great forum and all you amazing experts, I have everything I need to learn and grow this business. I plan on upgrading to a membership soon.

So excited to be here!



Welcome. I am brand new as well with only a few jobs under my belt. My advice is after you do a few windows go out and bid. You won’t get really good u til you are doing windows all the time for a long time. Might as well make some money while you practice.

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Welcome aboard …

Welcome to the forums!!


Welcome to the board!

Welcome to the forum

Get this book it’s a must have


Welcome. I am new too and have found a wealth of knowledge here. Notice the search feature at top of screen, it has vast resources for all your questions.