Loose Handles on Wagtail Solution

I’ve noticed with the wagtail that when new it goes OK .
How ever after a while the handle where the pivot is starts to become loose.
That what the screw is for right!
But you can only tighten it so many times.
Then the whole pivot become that loose you start getting problems in the way of, uneven pressure on the squeegee blade causing little lines at the end of the squeegee rubber when you fan.
I found if you take the adjusting screw out and then put a washer in the middle then put together again.
It will fix the problem.
It should now be firm to use.

Yo He Man…

In your first description of your of the problem I thought maybe if you inserted a washer…Then as I read further I saw your solution and we are on the same page …

Dude we work like a clock together we see things from the same window !

Be safe / Dange-ster

I don’t have a Wagtail at the moment, but I have a couple Swoops coming thanks to Karl Robinson. So I’ll keep this info in mind in case I run into this problem.

On a side note He Man, folks were wondering last week what inspired you to delete all your earlier post? Apparently people were wanting to look at some of your previous ideas, only to find that they were gone. So what happened?

i find it prefer mine to be loose. when new they dont “wag” very freely. i notice that some wagtails have the nut fitted captive on the yellow disc. on that model only the grey handle turns ie- the hole in the yellow disc does not wear at all because the bolt cannot rotate and i think ? that is a better design

I have since put them back so if you go there you will find them.
But there’s one or two that I had to revise or re do.
Hopefully might spur other people with there own ideas.

What I am talking about is where handle and the disc join in time they wear.
The washers there to make up for wear in between the handle and the disc.
Just try it only takes a minute or so to do.
Then adjust to way you like it.