Losing route

you guys ever lose any route

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Just a matter of time. Everyone will loose route for reasons both in their control and out. For a good business owner it will be most common for the loss to be out of their control, customer relocating or out of business.


The whole route? No, just a couple accounts here and there. I remember someone else called it “route rot” and it’s more or less expected if you attend to any route long enough.

Edit: “Route rot” is a trademarked phrase, used with permission from @SqueegeeNinjaNJ


Yes you will tend to lose a few resi’s here and there over the years some commercial work as well but its all to be expected in this game.

ive been at it 23 years and i just wait for the managers to change now! but ive had some major route rot! i said this earlier but we change our name every 3 years

Mind if I ask why?

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Yeah im curious about the name change as well actually.

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Over the years, I’ve lost enough route work to start another business with.


the name change is to catch tbe people thst fall through our web or that we screwed up, so its a slight comedy hopefully! but im pretty juvenile and during busy times like seasonal lighting we tend to not show up regularly, then get nervous to and feel like buffoons. we have people take bets on us but we hired a driver recently that is instructed to just pull into parking lots and order us to get out


he loves music

we are changing this next new name to semi pro window cleaning

thank you for that!!!

What about Partially Pro? It has a ring to it.

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I don’t get it :thinking:


I think he’s partial to professionalism.

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That’s the second weirdest thing I’ve read on this forum.

It sort of sounds like you hired someone to be your boss? I’m not trying to be mean.

My brand is a reflection on me and I take it personally.

Plus changing your name would be a huge pain in the butt unless your just dba’ing. And if some company screwed me over, you can be sure I’d remember them even if it was a different name. Word of mouth is huge in this industry and part of being professional is doing what your supposed to do.


NoPro Window Cleaning

Touch n’ Go Window Cleaning

Hardly Show Window Cleaning


I like Touch n’ Go

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i am partial. i like to be real in a world of a+ window cleaning and simply the best wc because i like air, a breath of fresh air. follow through and good work is amazing but super pro to me is funny

mine is a reflection of me too. and youre being nice and,im being honest! semi pro is hilarious to me. who would call. and the craziest part is we love it so much