Lost customer!

[COLOR=#0000ff]Looks like I lost a semi-annual customer. He was arrested yesterday for shooting his wife multiple times![/COLOR]

We had the janitorial at a psychiatrist’s office. This was YEARS ago, but…

He got shot by one of his patients and our employee showed up after hours to do the job… found the body.
-he actually got sick, right then and there.

Needless to say, we “lost” that job, too.

I finished up a custom home, the maid was inside still working, packed up all my stuff shut the front door and walked down the long sidewalk to my truck, said hi as I passed a mature gardner coming up the walk.

read in the paper the next day that was no gardner, that was the maid’s husband, he came in the house found her working in the master bedroom and shot her over a “love dispute” then shot himself dead!!! (she survived)

Holy moly, glad I wasn’t in the house working upstairs to hear all that!!! tripped me out that I walked by and said hi to someone who was walking right past me for such evil intent seconds later. Wow. He didn’t even give off any kind of vibe and said hi back. Insane.

needless to say the customer remodeled the whole master bedroom suite.

Guess I didn’t lose a job, but that was a long forgotten memory triggered in this thread.

I have seen other customers in the paper arrested for various things

the other one is to arrive a couple months later and it’s a new, younger “mrs. ____” than you saw the last time. lol.

4 years ago I was working for my buddy’s cab company. One guy kept having to “step out of the car”, which means personal business. Went on a 2 hour lunch break and came back complaining that he was making no money for the day.

Long story short, he took off the next day, and stopped by to show off the $3k engagement ring he bought for his girlfriend. Now I knew what he was making, and knew for a damn fact that he didn’t make enough to splurge that on a ring.

Next day, he didnt show up for work. FBI and Middlesex County Prosecutor raided the office… ends up when he was on his extended lunch break that day he fulfilled a contract offered by a former employee of the same company and whacked a deli owner in North Brunswick.

I got grilled pretty hard by prosecutors for info. Thank GOD I didn’t get along with the guy one bit and didn’t know anything about it, because I was the only other person on that day. They’re both doing life in Rahway right now. Good riddance.

New Jersey Local News - NJ.com


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That whole situation led me here in a roundabout way. After that I decided I couldn’t live on a shoestring doing menial bullS**T anymore.

You should be thankful he was happy with the quality of your work.

Chris that thing is like Tom Cruise in Collateral!

Was coming down an elevator once and the door opens and a guy is standing there with a rifle, asks me if I’m going up. Said no going down, he says ok door closes. He had come to kill his wife and the guy she was messing around with, security talked him down and he surrendered to the cops no shots fired.

YEEESH! Whoa o_O

Did you get questioned by police?

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Repeatedly, for years. I guess they either thought I knew something that I didnt and / or would sell them up the river. Eventually I told them “Look, I really dont know anything., I didn’t get along with the guy, so he wouldnt confide in me anyway.” They stopped contacting me and I never saw a courtroom which is great because I was scared to death of having to testify at this thing.

A few years back my employee and I got to a pizza place we cleaned and it’s closed in the afternoon with 2 police cars there. They said we’d have to make other arrangements to do their windows.
Turns out the store owner was arrested for torching his competitors in the area. Not long after that he hanged himself in his prison cell.

see, it’s not just window cleaners frustrated with competition :slight_smile:

It doesn’t work as well as you would think. They get insurance money and you basically take the risk of jail for them to get a makeover lol