Lost my first large commercial contract!

I believe I got this thing worked out. I still have 4 buildings by them, so I am not “outta the car”. I dont talk or email with them at all unless it is for the invoices etc…

I aint worried about it anymore, I have been concentrating on alot of other things right now. I felt horrible when I lost those big bad boys, but really it was a wake up call for me. I got big headed, and felt I could handle it without doing the things I do on much smaller jobs, like checking to see if there are enough water tie-in’s. I did not do any of that on this job. I was so happy I got it, and really full of myself because I got it.

Lesson learned. There are so many things I need to learn about running a business succesfully. I dont think that telling a big customer like that I have 12 guys but they are on the shelf right now will work friend. That in my opinion would be nearly the same mistake I made. [SIZE=“7”]Only worse[/SIZE] because what happens when they have a deadline on a huge job? They want to know how you plan to make that happen, and if they dont ask, and it dont happen, would you not be in the same boat as I am in now? What happens when they have 3 buildings that need to be done in 2 days or even one? with 12 guys, that should be done in a day. I understand what you mean, but if I did that I would lose the most valuable thing I own in creating percieved value, [SIZE=“6”]TRUST[/SIZE]. This is one of the most important factors as to why I can charge what I do. Not the only, but without this, I am done. DONE. I would rather look like a dummy than lose trust. People can learn, earning trust back…sometimes you never can.

Sorry to hear about this, Tory.

Like you said, maybe this is a good thing, now you can focus on some clients that are less annoying, and that will pay you more.

And like was mentioned, if this guy had it in for you, then it was only a matter of time before he got his old contractor back in the saddle, and take it away from you.

And I’m sure the woman you deal with is irritated, too, a little.

If you can do a great job, and make it easy and painless for them, you’ll make her look very smart.

Thank you Kevin.