Lots of good info thanks!

Nice site hope to be here often.
Been in the cleaning biz for 3yrs and windows just came with the territory. We seem to be getting more than just the homeowners who want screens washed and windows cleaned so I need get up to speed on the WFP deal.
We currently have 4 office buildings that include a 3 story, two 2 story and a single story ( outside only ) on a quarterly basis so any info would be great!
Woulda liked to jumped in on the 10% deal but I need to do some homework here to figure out what I need!:confused:

It can only benefit you in your biz to stay around and learn. Once you dive in and spend the money on a wfp I don’t think you’ll regret it.

Check out the info on WCR business forms. There is a WFP handbook. I think it’s free, but you’ll have to find out. There were some changes in policy recently. It spell out the different WFP systems and helps decide what works for you. Worst case, Call Alex at WCR and he will walk you through what you need. good luck and welcome to the forum…