Louis called out sick

So shop kid Louis called out sick last Friday. I assumed it was his usual “to much party” and shrugged it off.

He just sweeps up around here, washes trucks, and takes out the trash so I let him slide… Its a real non essential job.

Anyway he used the lame excuse “I have spider bites seriously dude”

Then he came in today “late” and showed me this:

Has he had those checked out? It could be Brown Recluse bite. Nasty stuff to ignore unless he wants dinner plate size holes in his side!:eek:

? Did he move recently? Do any of the neighbors have bed bugs, did he stay anywhere else?

Major problem in the US and moving up to Canada, bed bugs.

Na… hes just a dirtbag teenager. He was probably passed out somewhere and the bites

I really like Louis, he did go to the doctor. They were in fact some type of bug bite. Last night he tried calling out to go snowboarding today. I made him come in.


But Chris w/ global warming this may be his last chance to snowboard!:D:p

probably found a spider to purposely bite him so he wouldn’t have to come in